Wooden Stirrer

Wooden Stirrer


These wooden stirrers come in either American Cherry or Black Walnut

Handcarved and sanded to a silky smooth finish.

Treated with Clod & Pebble Wood Balm.

Pair them up with these spoon rests for a lovely set


size.        32 x 6 x 1cm approx


  • Care instructions

    I make all my products carefully from the best materials and it is my aim that they will last a lifetime if looked after. 


    Wood is an amazing material but will require a little care if you want it to continue to look its best.

    • Please avoid leaving wood items to soak or washing them with a dishwasher. This will weaken the wood and can cause splitting and warping.
    • All Clod & Pebble wood goods have been treated with a wood balm made from organic beeswax and mineral oil.
    • It is normal for wood to start to dry out and lose some of its water repellant property, when this happens reapply wood balm or other food safe, odour free oil.
    • After prolonged use the surface of your wooden product may feel less smooth. This is because fibres of the wood have become damaged or raised slightly, this happens mostly due to contact with hot liquids. If this happens give the surface a very light rub with a fine sandpaper (400 grit if possible) and reapplying wood balm, this will bring your wooden product back to life.